Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Highly Inspired

This week my brain has been going at warp speed.  I have been very inspired to do more blogging.  So, I am working on a putting up a new blog with the main focus on my life as homemaker.  I am experimenting with some new web tools for promotion and layout.  I have even enlisted a family member who does photography to help me out.  I am hoping to make this new blog function at a semi-professional level.

I have had many ideas for posts and decor, and I am even adding a facebook fan page.  That's right, I will be back on facebook, sort of.  I will only be running the fan page, though.  As of now, I don't plan on getting my personal page back.

I hope the inspiration lasts a while.  I actually have 2 posts written and ready to be posted when I officially get the site set up.  You can check out the bare-bones site here, if you are curious (it is certainly not at all finished, but this is the location anyway):

Broomsticks and Banana Splits


rhonda said...

i think i'm about to follow your lead and delete my facebook...i do like it, but in an unhealthy way. and i'm so much happier when i'm not glued to it.

***my word verification captcha is the word "rocker." love it!

Misty said...

High five (for both ditching facebook and being a rocker!) Love ya!