Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Compartmentalization & IPod Song

So now that I have my homemaker blog up, I will probably focus this one on more of my pop-culture preferences.  I did away with the Radiohead blog, only because I only have things to post on there periodically.  Now, if I have anything to post about Radiohead, it will be on this page.  In case you are confused, I have 4 separate blogs: Misty-isms, Broomsticks and Banana Splits, Misty's Family Pics N More (which also serves as my "Gallery" page off the Broomsticks blog), and Remodeling My Life For Christ.  All the links are just below the headers of each page for simple navigation.  *smiles with ding sound*


Now for some pop-culture fun!  Here is one of the songs on my ipod from yesterday's workout:

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