Sunday, July 31, 2011

Spicy Curry Sunday

It has been an exhausting week, but today provided a little break.  Maw and Paw came to get the boys and take them shopping for shoes.  While they were gone, Kyle and I had coffee and did some grocery shopping.  R tagged along with us, but she was a little angel as usual.  She is a really good baby.

In other news, I decided to start "tweeting" again.  I have added twitter feeds to all of my blog pages.   

Tonight for dinner, Kyle and I had this really cheap and amazing Indian meal that we recently discovered from Super 1.  It's a mix you can buy for 2 bucks to make a delicious, authentic, and very spicy Indian curry sauce.  You just add chicken and serve with basmati rice.  I would dare to call it restaurant quality, but it's a cheap and easy home alternative.  For the rice, chicken, and sauce mix, you've got a complete meal for 2-3 people for about $8.00.  It's excellent, but have a big glass of water handy.  It's spicy!  (This is NOT a paid testimonial, btw.)