Monday, June 27, 2011

1 Whole Week Clean From Facebook & Weekend Recap

It's been a week since I quit facebook, and I haven't even logged on to Kyle's page to check for updates.  I am totally glad I dropped it to throw myself into blogging.  Blogger has this neat feature now that lets you the countries of the people reading your blog(s.)  Much to my surprise, not only have I had hits from the U.S., but also Canada, Brazil, Germany, and Iran.  Very cool, but it makes me wonder who exactly is reading and why.  Anyway, I have so much more in my mind to put out here.  So, keep checking.  This is really just the beginning.

The weekend was lovely.  Friday, Kyle and I had our in-house date-night with home-baked hot wings, and frozen quesadillas.  Saturday was actually our "dating anniversary."  I know that most people don't still celebrate that once they are married.  We figure, why not have another reason to celebrate our relationship?  That day marks our 9th year as a couple.  Sunday night was our annual church pool party.  Lots of fun.  Pictures will be posted on my family pics page later.

I'm excited about the week ahead.  My folks are flying in from Cali.  It will be my Dad's first time meeting his only granddaughter.  The boys miss them, too.  Plus, it's always nice to have more babysitters around.  :-)

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